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ShellVocabTrainer is a small, java-based program which runs in your shell. Create your own vocabulary files and the program will test and evaluate your language skills.
This software is licensed under the GPL 2.

0. Installation:

  • Install a Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
  • Just download ShellVocabTrainer and extract it somewhere

1. Create your vocabulary files:

  • Create a textfile and place it in the vocabs directory
  • Every line of the textfile contains a vocabulary
  • A semicolon subdivides every line in the native language part and foreign language part. Thus each line has to contain a semicolon. The structure of a line looks like this:
    Native language ; Foreign language
  • Each language part contains one or more meanings of a vocabulary. These different meanings are separated by commas. So in fact a line looks like this:
    meaning1, meaning2, ... ; foreign meaning1, foreign meaning2, ...
  • Do not care about whitespaces between the words and the seperators (',' and ';') - it does not matter :)
  • Here is an example for a vocabulary (english - german):
    to hop ; springen, hüpfen
  • 2. Start ShellVocabTrainer:

    Go to the program's folder and execute the program with:

    $ java -jar ShellVocabTrainer.jar vocabs/vocabs.txt

    (Of course you have to replace the vocabs.txt with the actual filename)